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Burkert’s Type 8045 insertion mag flow meters with low-flow cut off and new digital input

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article image The reengineered 8045 magnetic flow meter
Burkert Fluid Control Systems  presents the re-engineered Type 8045 insertion electromagnetic flow meters designed to deliver greater functionality in modern processing environments.
A new cut-off feature designed to optimise use in low flow applications is a major enhancement in Type 8045 insertion mag flow meters, allowing the operator to set a lower limit, under which the measurement value is set as zero. This parameter feeds through to display, totalisers, outputs and downstream process conditions.
A new digital input has also been added to the 8045 electromagnetic flow meters to facilitate remote control capabilities via site control systems allowing the control system to initiate reset of various functions. The extension of the remote monitoring and control functionality in the 8045 magnetic flow meters aims to utilise expanding mobile technologies for simple and cost effective process monitoring.
Key features of Burkert’s Type 8045 insertion mag flow meters:
  • New adjustable backlit display for reading and programming in dim conditions
  • Integrated diagnostics support local operation, with a simple green/ orange/ red LED status indication
  • No moving parts design is suitable for demanding processes including those with particulate contamination
  • Achieves up to 75% cost savings and simpler installation and servicing results over full bore mag flow meters
  • Extensively used in the water treatment industry and water applications as well as cleaning in place (CIP) systems

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