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Bürkert introduces Type 2730 diaphragm valve with zero dead volume

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A self-adjusting valve with zero dead volume has been introduced by Bürkert.

The pneumatically operated plastic body Type 2730 diaphragm valve comprises hermetical separation of fluids from the operating mechanism by the diaphragm, and is rated for use with potable water and sterile applications, to aggressive waste streams.

The 2730 is suited to processes with a frequently changing controlled flow-rate, and is engineered for ease of use with a pneumatically operated piston actuator for defining stroke.

Available in a variety of body materials including PVC, PP, PA and PVDF, and EPDM, PTFE seals, the 2730 operates with media to 120ºC and to 7 bar. The valve is rated for operation with viscous media.

The flexible 2730 is suited to stand-alone operation, and is also designed for trouble-free inclusion in a customised modular component or as a building block in a comprehensive water or waste system. The unit can be actuated by top or side control positioners, TopControl 8630, SideControl 1067 or SideControl 8635, for continuous regulation.

The 2730 diaphragm control valve has an optional, integrated PID controller, to enable linking with flow, level, pressure or temperature sensors to perform stand-alone process control. Bürkert offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation that ideally connects to the 2730 and is suitable for almost any application.

Another option is the integration of Fieldbus networks, which include DeviceNET and Profibus. This option allows for stand-alone control, with communication back to a central system to receive a set-point and reply with process information, valve position, etc. This proves highly cost-effective in applications, where multiple valves are required.

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