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ON Pack Promotional Labels is a new product from Burgess Printing & Packaging .

On Pack Promotional Labelling can include a large variety of promotional labelling such as a twin label that is a peel open style, two layered label that can have up to 4 printed pages and can utilise random or unique numbering.

Burgess Printing & Packaging says these are great for recipe ideas, promotions, competitions, instant win coupons or extended information.

This label can be automatically applied on a standard high-speed label applicator and is available using permanent or removable adhesives.

Once opened, this label cannot be resealed. It can also incorporate perforations for easy opening across or along.

Another option for On Pack Promotional Labelling is a multi-page label. This label is a break open style label with up to 8 pages of space to ensure a company’s marketing message gets through.

Incorporating a self adhesive white or clear base label with a multi-folded printed leaflet, the Multi-Label can again be automatically applied on a high speed applicator or hand applied and again can incorporate random or unique numbering. Up to 8 colours plus a varnish can be used.

These are merely two ideas for On Pack Promotional Labelling; other alternatives can include labels with a print on the adhesive (for terms and conditions), and removable labels for cash back promotions.

On Pack Promotional Labelling is a great way for a product to stand out on a shelf of like products and these are just a few ideas to capture that buying decision, according to Burgess Printing & Packaging.

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