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Dry seasoning and machinery products from Bunzl

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Bunzl offers display trays, machinery, retail accessories, sausage meal, seasonings, soy proteins and accessories. Bunzl offers a wide range of retail accessories which includes decorations, hooks, display mats, woodchips, sawdust and skewers. Other types of products include tapes, thermometers, tubes and other miscellaneous retail accessories.

Bunzl offers seasoning products such as coating gourmet herb, coatings and durant products as well as dry seasoning products. Dry seasoning products includes bacon chips, booster beef, gelatines, monosodium glutamate, season chicken booster, seasoning chicken booster, seasoning pork burger, gourmet garlic spice, to name a few. Bunzl offers soluble seasoning, sprinkles, stuffing mix, dry, soluble and globus seasonings. Bunzl also offers soy protein products such as concentrates and isolates.

Bunzl offers a wide range of machinery products which includes fillers, Freund machinery, injectors, mincers, ovens, meat slicer, meat presser, meat slicer knife set, tray sealers, bandsaw splitter, vacuum packing machines and miscellaneous machinery parts. Bunzl supplies safety clothing products such as gloves disposable gloves, boots, caps, face shields, goggles, earmuffs, disposable clothing and safety matting products.

In addition to supplying machinery products, retail accessories, safety clothing products, Bunzl also offers packaging, containers, marinades, hygiene and cleaning products.

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