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Rigging, lifting and safety equipment offered by Bullivants

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Bullivants  is one of the leading companies that help other companies to operate efficiently and safely. This is ensured through materials handling and safety equipment offered by Bullivants, which are in line with safety regulations and standards. Additionally, Bullivants assist clients in handling work place risk and thus, enhancing operational efficiency. Bullivants is a premium supplier of completely integrated solution.

Further, Bullivants tests, supplies, manufacture, inspect, installs and repairs rigging, lifting and safety equipment. Since 1891, Bullivants has been producing, distributing and servicing safety gears in Australia. Bullivants takes pride on its years of experience, which has helped it to offer comprehensive range of goods and services. This mainly includes managing lifting and rigging applications through superior quality products and expert services. All technicians and test facilities of Bullivants fulfils the requirements of Australian and International OH& S standards.

Some of the industries served by Bullivants are construction, transport and warehousing of resources, manufacturing, logistics, utilities and protective services. Bullivants also trains people on safe use of equipment and offer hire and repair services for lifting equipment. The facilities of Bullivants are purposefully located to reach and serve the customer base more efficiently. Some of the inventory holdings of Bullivants are located in Perth, Henderson, Darwin, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville, MacKay, Adelaide and many more.

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