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Low cost alternative container system

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article image Container systems can be erected within two minutes

BULK Handling Australia has introduced the Atlas container system as a low cost alternative for easy movement and storage of bulk materials.

Taking only two minutes to erect it can carry up to 1200L of liquids or solids. By combining the features of a bulk bag and a rigid container it is one of the most flexible semi-bulk systems available.

Features include:

* Light weight - 15kg

* 20 filled units per container(20,000L) and 200 empty units per container for return

* Stacks up to three high

* Single use or reusable

* Can be stored outside

* With addition of lifting loop option can be hoisted to empty from underneath

* Takes standard Bag in Box liquid liner

* Side empty for liquid 50mm diameter with screw cap, bottom empty 50mm up to 350mm screw cap or truncated liner chute.

The Atlas is designed to accommodate a broad range of products from liquid and fresh produce to powders and granules.

For solids, a single skin of HD woven Polypropylene is used. For liquids a double skin is used and an option of a tough semi rigid plastic sheet between the skins.

Top cover options include duffel, cap, zip top.

For non liquids it is suited to products that are normally damaged when weight is stacked e.g. snack crisps, biscuits etc. One of the current uses is transported processed hop pellets for beer production, the Atlas steel frame keeps any weight off the pellets and prevents crumbling which would render them unusable.

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