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ComboLife bag-in-box from Bulk Handling Australia

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ComboLife bag-in-box is a compact, collapsible IBC designed to handle a wide variety of fluid products. ComboLife bag-in-box combines the benefits of a rigid return container system with the simplicity of disposable products. ComboLife bag-in-box solution is now with even more efficient handling, a drop-door to facilitate liner bag installation.

Bottom line benefits

The high performance of the ComboLife bag-in-box system translates directly into bottom line benefits. Not only saving money and time on transport, handling and storage also indirect savings are achieved: ComboLife bag-in-box’s design guarantees its long lifetime and safe delivery of the filled product.

Do more with less

The connection between financial and environmentally friendly logistical solutions is getting stronger all the time. ComboLife 285DD delivers a practical cost effective distribution system along with superior resource efficiency. The footprint is ideal to minimise costs for transport and storage. The ComboLife bag-in-box plastic container eliminates the presence of fibre fragments or corrosion. Bulk Handling Australia is the distributor.

Advantages over traditional single trip systems:

  • Substantially reduced cost per trip
  • Limited use of packaging materials (only the liner bag is disposable)
  • Hygiene – nor corrosion neither rot
  • Safety – both fully protection of fluid and trackability
  • Easy to fill, discharge and transport
  • Space utilisation – stackable and foldable

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