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Bulk Handling Australia offers Aluminium Foil Composite Sacks

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Bulk Handling Australia  offers Aluminium Foil Composite Sacks, designed to protect internal products against humidity and potential damage. These innovative sacks are constructed using premium grade raw materials so as to maintain international quality ISO standards. 3 to 4 plies of materials are laminated together using adhesives or extrusion coatings to offer high quality preservation.

Choice of materials includes:

  • PE/Aluminum/Nylon/PE Laminated
  • Kraft/Aluminum/PE Laminated Metalised
  • PET/PE laminated with or without PE liner

The sacks aim to maintain humidity levels below 40 RH with an improved moisture resistant performance rate of 80% when compared to polypropylene materials. They offer protection against oxygen transmission, physical damage, biological damage, odour transfer, ultra violet radiations, chemical breakdown, oil and greases, acids and alkalis.

The most common applications for the aluminium foil sacks include food ingredients, dried foods, polymers, resins, chemicals, dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals, and animal feeds.

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