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BHAG Multi Volume Utility Bins available from Bulk Handling Australia

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The BHAG Multi Volume Utility Bin (MVB), available from Bulk Handling Australia , is designed for applications where variable packing volumes are required from bin to bin without having to add separate components, and also to maximise return freight cost of empty bins.

The freight cost of current utility bins is charged on the total cubic volume regardless of how full they are. MVB from Bulk Handling Australia will adjust to variable volumes to accommodate different fill heights by means of ingenious and unique adjustable side all mechanisms. Heavy duty roller shutter sides, concealed in the base, draw upward into sectional guide systems attached to telescopic corner posts. The bin also collapses to 1/3rd of it maximum volume for returning to base.

Following are the main features of the BHAG Multi Volume Utility Bin:

  • No tools required for any operation of the bin
  • Footprint 1160 x 1160mm
  • Loading and stacking rating 1000Kg/3000Kg
  • Folds to 1/3rd of its full height
  • Heavy metal construction, steel and aluminium
  • H/D PVC clip on cover
  • Doors roll down and underneath for storage
  • Galvanised finish
  • Four way entry by forklift or pallet jack
  • Automatic height locking
  • Erection time approximately 1 minute
  • Anti tipping rails all sides
  • Bumper guards all sides to protect under carriage
  • Fit 2 wide in ISO container or on truck
  • Heavy duty PVC cover
  • Capped off at smallest internal volume approximately 400L
  • Capped of at largest internal volume approximately 900L
  • Other selectable volumes 545L, 655L and 730L

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