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Atlas Rainsaver available from Bulk Handling Australia

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 Rainsaver is steel reinforced 1000 litre vessel with a thick polythene bladder inside, designed for the retail market this domestic rainwater tank comes fully equipped to connect to guttering down pipes.

In many cases conventional rigid rain water tanks are too bulky to get to where they need to be positioned.

The Rainsaver solves this problem. It is packaged small enough to be taken home by car, and even carried through the house out to the back and assembled.

It is the only rain water tank available which includes a full plumbing kit in the packaging. Being collapsible, it can be folded away and stored when not required.

The smart plumbing arrangement of this water storage tank means that storm water bypasses the unit back to the down pipe when it is full so there is no need to be home to turn of valves or the like to divert water away from the unit.

Rainsaver is perfect for watering those precious plants- legally, anytime. 

Being 100% Australian made product you can be sure of getting good quality for your money and having technical support and backup within easy reach.

Some other features:

  • Packaged to fit in the family car
  • 1000L capacity
  • Includes a full plumbing kit
  • Minimal tools required for assembly
  • Reusable
  • 3 ply's of HD woven polypropylene
  • Bottom side discharge valve
  • Galvanised inbuilt steel support system and
  • 20Kg tare weight

The Atlas Rainsaver is available from Bulk Handling Australia.

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