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Solvent Parts Cleaning Machines from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions

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article image Model 86 Solvent Parts Cleaning Machine

Bulbeck EnviroSolutions  supplies an extensive range of parts cleaner solutions for industrial, commercial and workshop applications.  

Model 86 solvent parts cleaning machines offer simple operation and reliable performance.  

The solvent is pumped through a flexible hose and brush at the flick of a switch to clean the parts.  

Model 86 is available in various models to suit different site requirements including IP rated and triple insulated requirements.  

Filtered parts washing machines are solvent parts cleaning machines based on the Model 86 design and incorporating a unique quadruple filtering system to ensure constantly clean solvent.  

These parts cleaning machines consistently achieve ISO1613, an internationally recognised standard for measuring solvent cleanliness and quality.  

Model 86 LV is a low voltage solvent parts cleaning machine designed to meet OHS requirements.  

These parts cleaning machines are IP65 rated and use a 12V pump.  

Model 96 solvent parts cleaning machines are designed for cleaning large and heavy components, and can also be used as overnight soak tanks.  

Based on the pump and light system used in Model 86, these parts cleaners are ideal for any large workshop.  

Lowliner parts cleaners are trolley machines designed for working under machinery, cars and trucks.  

The air-powered parts cleaners supply GB250/PH solvent through a flow-through brush on to the area to be cleaned.

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