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Filtered Parts Washing Machines from Bulbeck EnviroSolutions

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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions  offers a unique line of filtered parts cleaning solutions designed to filter out contaminates to achieve liquid cleanliness to desired levels.  

The filtered parts washing machines incorporate a unique quadruple filtering system to ensure constantly clean solvent.  

The parts washers also consistently achieve ISO 16/13, an internationally recognised standard for measuring solvent cleanliness and quality.  

The filtered parts washing machines are solvent-based parts cleaners that filter out contamination particulates. The solvent remains free of contaminates for an extended period, ensuring cleaner parts as well as faster and more efficient cleaning.  

Model F07 filtered parts cleaning machines are designed around the well-recognised Greaseater bowl, which is the benchmark in the parts cleaning industry. The design also accommodates the multitude of variations for efficient parts cleaning.  

Key features of the filtered parts washing machines: 

  • Easy to replace 4-filtration medium
  • Filtration medium size can be altered to suit specific requirements and is easily accessible 
  • Incorporates a continuous filtration mode, which continually cleans the solvent while not in use
  • Extends the life of the cleaning agent
  • Can be configured to meet the client’s specific requirements
  • Meets ISO 16/13 standards
  • Designed and built in Australia

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