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Bulbeck provides parts cleaning equipment, supplies and services to Hitachi

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article image Bulbeck's parts cleaners at the HCM workshop

Bulbeck EnviroSolutions has established a long-term relationship with Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Limited (HCM) for the supply of parts cleaners.  

When Hitachi’s national refurbishment centre for excavator motors and pumps was set up at Muswellbrook six years ago, the Newcastle-based Bulbeck established a relationship as the provider of parts cleaning equipment, supplies and services.  

Bulbeck has not only been supplying leading edge products to HCM but is also willing to adapt to specific equipment requirements.  

HCM’s Muswellbrook Workshop Manager Peter Wydeman said that a perfect example of this was Hitachi’s recent decision to re-design its workshop while replacing and upgrading equipment to cater to a growth rate of 300% in just six years.  

Hitachi wanted two new filtered parts cleaners and five standard ones but also advised that the existing Bulbeck units wouldn’t fit under their new benches. Bulbeck actually completed the re-design and started manufacturing the bases before the order was even placed.  

For a workshop that is busy by international standards, with 21 staff refurbishing 70-100 units per month, having a proven, adaptable supplier is a huge benefit, especially one who designs and manufactures equipment to high standards.  

Over the years, Bulbeck has been able to match the changing requirements in Hitachi’s equipment needs. Bulbeck also supplied a market leading solvent based parts cleaning machine offering four-tier filtration and a proprietary solvent specially developed in conjunction with Shell.  

Hitachi tried the machine first and it was only in the workshop for a matter of weeks before the decision was made to lease the solvent parts cleaning machines.  

Hitachi uses the filtered system to clean the final product and eliminate contaminants before it gets assembled. In addition to superior machine performance to ISO 16/13 and reliability, Bulbeck’s lease/rental alternatives backed by a regular materials and equipment supply and service program were real advantages.  

Their latest order of seven new parts cleaning machines is based on Bulbeck’s excellent service.  

As well as parts cleaning machines, Bulbeck also provides HCA with hot wash machines to further reduce labour and time spent on non-productive work. 

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