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BulBeck EnviroSolutions offers floating oil absorbent booms

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article image Floating oil absorbent booms

Floating oil absorbent booms, now available from BulBeck EnviroSolutions , have been designed for use in containing and absorbing hydrocarbon spills on water.

Constructed from a strong mesh outer sleeve that encases a poly sock skin filled with highly absorbent polypropylene, these oil booms:

  • will both contain and absorb hydrocarbon spills on water
  • will continue to float and contain spill even when reached capacity of absorption; and
  • can be connected together to form a continuous boom.
They will not fall apart or sink, even when saturated with oil, and can remain floating for many months.

Heavy duty clips and rings are included on both ends of the containment booms, and can be used to quickly attach several booms together to form a long, continuous solution for open water use.

Suitable for forming barriers around wharves, piers and beaches, each of these flexible three metre floating booms is capable of absorbing and holding over sixty litres of oil or fuel.

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