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Self-venting roofing products available from The Building Centre

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The Building Centre  have announced the addition of new products to their portfolio of Smart Products. The simple-to-install new product was designed by an experienced roofer who was asked to solve a major roof space condensation problem in a newly constructed multi million dollar home. The owner did not want ugly venting objects sticking out of the roof of his new home. The installation of a number of these special tiles solved the problem immediately.

One simply has to substitute and install 3 to 4 pairs of these unobtrusive tiles in the roof. The tiles are easy to install in existing, replacement or new roofs by any local roofer, builder or plumber. The result is a significantly cooler home in summer. In winter, there will be less condensation building up, and a drier roof space is less ideal for insects to breed and live.

With no moving parts, using the ‘Convection Principle’ that ‘hot air rises’, warm air in summer that otherwise would be trapped in the roof space, is transported out.

Sets of these ‘self venting’ roof tiles work on hot still summer days. With no moving parts, they are silent, and unlike obtrusive motor driven vents, they use no electricity.

Individuals having ducted air conditioning in their roof space can install these tiles to use less electricity, as the ducts and indoor fan coil unit will not be heated up, and also will improve the air conditioner capacity and performance.

The tiles are ‘hollow’ thus allowing air to enter in the lower side of the tiled roof, and to exit through the upper rows of tiles ideally on the other side of the roof. Air moves automatically and continuously. This venting system does not need wind to blow to rotate a set of blades to extract air.

When there is a breeze, the ‘Venturi Principle’ combines to draw even more air out. As the tiles are part of the roof, the roof remains waterproof. The self venting tiles are available in two sizes to be able to be installed with most terracotta or concrete tiles brands and profiles roofs. For corrugated roofs, the tiles are available in two sizes, one for domestic roofs and the other for commercial roofs.

These ‘self venting’ tiles are precision laser cut and quality made in Australia from durable and strong 0.55mm Bluescope Zincalume. The ‘self venting’ tiles have a perforated insect barrier steel to stop vermin and pests entering. To match the colour of individual roof, one can simply etch prime and paint them.

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