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Pallet Dispensers now available from Budpak / Accuweigh

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article image The Budpak / Accuweigh Pallet Dispenser

Available now from Budpak / Accuweigh , the Pallet Dispenser is designed to automatically dispense pallets from a magazine stack to the robot palletiser loading station, allowing a continuous supply of pallets is fed to the robot palletiser.

Operated by a pneumatic scissor lift mechanism, the Pallet Dispenser lifts the stack of pallets from the support fingers, leaving the bottom pallet accessible. The support fingers retract once the pallets are lifted, leaving the pallets on the scissor lift plate. The plate then lowers by one pallet height allowing the fingers to engage into the second bottom pallet in the magazine.

Once the fingers have engaged the second bottom pallet, the scissor lift lowers to the home position with the bottom pallet on the lift plate, placing the pallet on the takeaway conveyor for transfer to the loading station or elevating conveyor.

The Pallet Dispenser also features a pallet magazine, which allows the operator to load the Pallet Dispenser with up to 12 empty pallets. This heavy duty, three sided pallet magazine comes complete with a pallet guide to ensure the pallet stacks are loaded squarely and centrally to the takeaway conveyor.

The pallet magazine also provides a level of safety to both operators and equipment, preventing the pallet stack from toppling over should they not be stacked squarely.

The Pallet Dispenser from Budpak / Accuweigh requires minimal floorspace for installation, and is available with both low capital expenditure and overall running costs.

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