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Nett weigh bag filling scale available from Bud-Pak

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Bud-Pak supplied dual head, net weigh bagging scale is used to fill bags, cartons and pails with fertiliser at the United Farmers plant in Bibra Lake, Western Australia.

The Bud-Pak model G-NSP(S) nett weigh bagging scale was installed in 2005 and was designed to weigh and fill open mouth and valve bags, and pails and consists of a simplex gravity fed nett weigher, feeding from a product silo.

The scale discharges the specified weighed volume of product to a manually placed bag supported on a bag holder.

An optional attachment was also included for the plastic drum filling requirement. Bags are then transferred through a sealer and ninety degree kicker, then to the pick-up conveyor for stacking by the robot palletiser.

Nett weigh bag filling scale features:

Servo controlled feed gate: Product is fed to the nett weigh bagging scale via a servo operated feed gate. This controls product feed into the dual nett weighers and final weight cut-off.

The servo operated feed gate allows for a high degree of positioning repetition, resulting in high speed, high accuracy weighing with minimum moving parts.

Main feed flow adjustment is controlled by the servo gate position, removing the necessity for a separate flow plate system requiring operator setting and adjustment.

Scale housing: Bud-Pak has specifically designed the scale housing to provide good maintenance access and ease of cleaning in mind.

The scale housing is inclusive of lift-off removable doors, with full panel lexan inspection windows on both sides of the scale, and a lift-off removable door at each end of the scale. This unique design provides for maintenance operators to gain unobstructed access to the servo motor, pneumatics and scale control electronics.

The weigh bucket comes complete with lift-off splash-guards. With these removed, the operators have good access for cleaning.

The design also incorporates tool-less removal of the weigh buckets for cleaning and maintenance.

All screws, nuts and pins are securely fastened and wired, for the prevention of entry into the product stream.

Pak-Scan/500 weighing controller: Pak-Scan/500 is the latest model of controller specially designed for Bud-Pak’s range of multi-head weighers.

Complete with Siemens PLC hardware base for the implementation of the controller to provide a number of advantages to the customer:

  • Readily available hardware supported throughout the world
  • Reliable and designed specifically for the industrial environment
  • A quality control system
  • 16 Set-ups available as standard, containing specific automatic and operator parameter tables for unique scale adjustments to suit particular product and weight requirements
  • Servo gate control interface providing automatic optimisation of gate positions during the weighing cycle
  • Every weighing is check weighed
  • Automatic tare, automatic fine feed control, automatic weight control, all based on past data from every weighment
  • Remote operator touch-screen interface
  • Statistical data collection and reporting
  • Software based calibration: no tools required
  • Extensive help and fault information available to the operator
  • Provision for weigher: low level switch input for shutdown of weigher operation if level in the infeed hopper falls below level. Special cleanout function allows operators to clean out the hopper and weigher

The Pak-Scan/500 scale controller features proven reliable commercially available components, advanced data processing software and is designed to carry out the demanding requirements of high speed, multi-head weighing.

The touch-screen operator interface provides for an intuitive operator package allowing the operator to enter operating procedures and parameters, while accessing operation information.

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