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DNC Junior pallet wrappers from Bud-Pak

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The DNC Junior pallet wrapper available from Bud-Pak meets all the expected performance and versatility for a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine using film or net.

The DNC Junior pallet wrapper has an in-built Siemens S7-200 PLC controller for allowing all the necessary parameters for wrapping any kind of load, independently from their height, stability or structure.

The operator panel of the DNC Junior pallet wrapper is very easy to follow with individual functions easily distinguished by the differently coloured controls.

Once the load is in position and the selected values set, the DNC Junior pallet wrapper completes the wrapping cycle automatically.
The manual actions are the clamping of the film to the turntable and its cutting at the end of the cycle only. A full range of options are available.

The sequence of the pallet wrapping operation at Harwood Sugar is:

The fork lift operator places the pallet on the wrapper turntable before the operator starts the wrapping cycle. The DNC Junior pallet wrapper features a waterproof wrap cycle which allows the operator to manually place a top sheet on the load during the cycle, as follows.

The film travels to the top and half way down the load, and then stops to allow the operator to place the top sheet. The operator then re-commences the wrap cycle and the film travels back to the top of the load and then down to the bottom to complete the cycle. Once the load is wrapped the operator cuts the film and the pallet is removed by forklift.

DNC Junior pallet wrappers have the features:

  • Siemens S7-200 PLC controller
  • stand alone turntable
  • soft start
  • indexed stop
  • adjustable speeds
  • powered film carriage
  • film tension regulator
  • load detection photocell
  • reinforcing wraps setting
  • single and double wrapping
  • rainproof wrapping mode
  • PLC controlled

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