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Budpak / Accuweigh offers VA25 valve baggers

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VA25 valve baggers, now available from Budpak / Accuweigh , are totally self-contained units that are capable of bagging a range of products into valve bags.

Featuring a small footprint and simple installation, these machines run silently, and require no special tools to complete installation or to make operational adjustments.

They are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Consistent and repeatable accuracy is assured due to their dual-stage filling design.

When in operation, VA25 valve baggers fill the majority of the valve bag at the maximum fill rate, reducing this to a dribble feed just prior to attaining the target weight.

This allows the auger fillers to more accurately halt product flow to achieve the desired target weight.

Suitable for bulk densities up to 2,500kg/m³, VA25 valve baggers also feature:

  • a fully electronic loadcell weighing system
  • bag weight capacities from 5kg to 50kg
  • skid mounting options
  • a maximum of 99 preset product memories; and a
  • 50mm bag spout.
Made in Australia from Australian components, they can fitted with a range of optional additions, including:
  • dust extraction facilities
  • automatic bag ejection
  • external exhaust facilities; and
  • stainless steel construction for food-grade products.

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