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BudPak Robot Palletizer for Horse Feeds Manufacturer

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A Fuji-Ace Robot Palletizer is used to stack bags of horse feeds at a manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Filled bags are transferred from the client’s existing automatic bagging machine to Bud-Pak’s robot palletizer.

The robot palletizer stacks bags onto pallets positioned either side of the robot. The control system allows a completed pallet on one side to be removed by fork truck while the robot continues stacking the pallet on the other side, which allows continuous operation.

The Fuji-Ace EC-101 Robotic Palletizer is highly efficient and offers production rates up to 15 cycles per minute utilising only 2kVA power and is the most cost effective solution for low to medium production requirements. Budpak’s robot palletizer was installed in 2004 and stacks 600 bags per hour in capacities of 20kg, 22.5kg & 25kg.

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