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Bud-Pak’s robot palletiser stacks bags of mineral sands

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article image Fuji-Ace EC-101

Bud-Pak  has supplied and commissioned a Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser and 2 custom pickup conveyors at Consolidated Rutile's Pinkenbahplant.

Two separate valve bagging machines delivery filled bags of mineral sands directly to the the transfer conveyors for the Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser to stack onto pallets located on either side of itself.

The Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser is programmed to keep the product lines completely separate as each regularly contains different product.

When one pallet is full, that product line stops to allow the pallet to be manually removed by forklift and an empty pallet positioned. Until then, the robot palletiser continues loading the alternate product line.

The robot palletiser easily handles 500 x 42kg bags/hour in a continuous operation.

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