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Bagging System for SA Fertiliser Supplier from Budpak / Accuweigh

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A bagging system was recently commissioned for Cawte Industries at Murray Bridge in South Australia by Budpak / Accuweigh .

Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch supplied the Budpak bagging system to replace an existing bagger, which had become unreliable over time.

Budpak’s GB55 line of bagging systems is a gross weight bagger with the product being fed into the bag from an overhead silo at the rate of up to 10 bags per minute. Empty bags are manually clamped to the bag clamp assembly, which is suspended from beam load cells mounted on the rigid supporting frame.

A Rinstrum 5100 intelligent batching indicator is used to ensure correct bag weights are achieved by the bagging system for a wide variety of products due to the automatic in-flight compensation, which tracks finished bag weights and then makes minor adjustments to the preliminary weight cut-off point for subsequent bags.

Accuweigh’s GB55 bagging systems are available in various configurations to suit a wide variety of materials:

  • Gravity Fed Bagging Systems
  • Screw Fed Bagging Systems
  • Vibratory Fed Bagging Systems
  • Conveyor Fed Bagging Systems

The Budpak GB55 bagging system is fully Australian-made and can store up to 99 product memories for commonly used products to minimise operator input error. The product names are entered and recalled using full alpha-numeric characters rather than using number codes to represent real products.

Full material usage reports are also available using these real product names to accurately track the total weight of each product used and the number of bags filled by the bagging system.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest industrial weigh/packaging company and operates eight branches across all mainland states providing sales and service on all scales, bagging systems and filling equipment.

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