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Storage systems and industrial equipment offered by Brownbuilt

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Brownbuilt  supplies a gamut of storage systems that can be used for industrial applications. Hand-operated Maxtor is a mobile shelving system which is used as a storage system for various applications such as retail, office achieves and even in light industrial applications. This shelving system from Brownbuilt comes in a powder coat black finish and can be used for both static and mobile applications.

Selective pallet racking supplied by Brownbuilt can be used in warehouses for storage purposes as it helps in maximising space utilisation and also enables flexibility. Rolled upright type shelving is another type of industrial equipment supplied by Brownbuilt can be used for storage purposes in diverse areas like museums, retail outlets, offices, warehouses, storerooms and so on. This shelving system has optional metal and cover panels.

Brownbuilt offers a wide range of accessories that can supplement industrial products. For instance, the dividers offered by Brownbuilt facilitate separation of items and thus the shelves can be organised into different sections. These dividers are available in many sizes to suit different shelves. Apart from these, Brownbuilt offers many other accessories including Louvre panels, bin fronts, door locks and many more. These industrial products from Brownbuilt are available in many colours such as pearl white, wild oats, silver grey, electric orange and so on.

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