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New generation of electronic labellers

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BROTHER International (Australia) has unveiled a new generation of P-touch electronic labellers, with the release of the PT-1280 and PT-1830.

Incorporating a new luxurious metallic feel, slimline ergonomic design, favourite keys and the ability to print on super narrow tape width of 3.5mm, the new models represent superior features, are a delight to use and deliver an ultimate professional result.

The PT-1280 is a stylish and portable electronic labeller that features three new favourite label memory buttons for instant storage and recall of frequently used labels. Users will benefit from its ease of use thanks to its ergonomic design.

This model will be popular for those requiring basic labeling, as well as people requiring portability as a feature, with electricians being a key market.

The PT-1280 prints on a super narrow tape width of 3.5mm in addition to 6mm, 9mm and 12mm tape widths.

Brother is the first to release a super-narrow tape width of 3.5mm - it is the smallest available on the Australian market and is particularly suitable for labelling slimline CD jewel cases and many other fine labelling requirements.

The PT-1830 is a professional desktop electronic labeller that features a large pictogram LCD and five new favourite label memory buttons.

The ‘favourite’ keys allow the user to store, retrieve and print labels at the press of a button and allow more versatility than ever before.

Printing on a greater range of tape widths from 3.5mm to 18mm, users now have more opportunity for labelling a wider range of applications, which was not available to them before.

Ergonomically designed, it features raised, angled and wider keys for more accurate input and easier operation, unlike many other technological products, which may be difficult to operate due to shrinking product sizes.

It is also accompanied with a large 15 character LCD with pictograph indicators identifying the size, style and frame options that have been selected, so the user can easily view and change text before printing.

The professional PT-1830 is ideal for retail, office, medical and educational environments. Labelling and organising files, sale items, retail merchandise, medical records, specimens as well as educational aids are some of the applications of the P-touch PT-1830.

Both the PT-1830 and PT-1280 are versatile and easy to use. They both have a large 15-character LCD display and QWERTY style keyboard for easy typing.

They have a wide range of type sizes, type styles, print widths, underline and framing options and the flexibility of printing up to two lines of text. Both operate on batteries or optional ac adaptor.

Unlike ordinary labels, Brother labels have a laminated coating for exceptional durability. The lamination ensures that it is resistant to smudges, stains, streaks, marks, rips, fading and peeling.

Brother laminated labels are also water-resistant, UV resistant and heat/cold resistant ensuring ultimate durability wherever they are used.

Brother P-touch can be used in the home and industrial environment.

The range of P-touch laminated tapes includes fluorescent tape, iron-on fabric tape, metallic tape, tamper evident tape, strong adhesive tape and flexible identification tape. They are available in a wide assortment of colours and sizes.

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