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Brother International launches PT-2700 PTouch labelling system

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Brother International launches its new PTouch labelling system, model PT-2700 designed for professional users in office, commercial and industrial fields. Usable on its own, or connected to a PC or Mac, the PT-2700 addresses many key demands from labeller users.

According to Brother International, not only do advanced users get 24mm tape width, a huge, 3-line, back-light display, and PC/MAC connectibility, they get it all at an affordable price, in a complete package.

Users in areas such as corporate administration, medical offices, retail and other environments demand a machine that fits with their label creation needs. Brother International developed an innovative design that overcomes the challenges faced by current labeller users of, how to read displays even in dark areas, how to enter text faster, and how to include time and date information in labels. The PT-2700 is packed with new features and is easy to use.

Vivid back-light display and other features make labelling a snap

Ease-of-use innovations in the PT-2700 include:

Vivid back-light display for easy viewing in virtually any environment, indoors or out

Angled key tops for quick, accurate typing

Slit-back tape PT-2700 ships with crack-and-peel tape for easy backing paper removal (starter roll included)

Time / date printing, automatically adds information from built-in clock, for samples, visitor management, quality control and other time-sensitive labelling.

PT-2700 offers superior labelling flexibility

The PT-2700 is a fantastic labeller to use at desk or in the field. PT-2700 offers powerful features like an automatic tape cutter; top-loading, drop-in supplies, and a sleek new design. Users can choose their desired level of label sophistication:

For quick ID jobs, the PT-2700 includes a host of pre-set label formats and layouts. Just choose the desired layout and enter text.

For more personalised labels, users can create and format text in 8 fonts, 8 sizes, and many styles. They can add symbols from the extensive library, and can add fancy text Frames.

And for the ultimate in creative labelling, the PT-2700 can be connected to a PC or Mac, allowing people to use virtually any TrueType fonts and clip art, and to import logos and other graphics. Labels for mailings, serial numbers and other large projects can even be printed from spreadsheets in Excel, Access, and other CSV-based data.

Complete kit provides exceptional value

PT-2700 is a full package, including AC adaptor, CD-ROM label creation software, USB cable, tape cassette and users manual, everything needed to create professional labels.

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