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Solar films and security screens supplied by Brisbane Wide Tinting

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Brisbane Wide Tinting offers gamut of products like window films, solar films, safety films, security screens and more. With the increasing demand of window films due to energy crisis, coloured sun control films came into existence. Brisbane Wide Tinting provides various colour films like grey, gold, bronze, amber, etc.

Window films ensure heat retention inside the room and prevent heat loss. Solar control window films offered by Brisbane Wide Tinting depends on building orientation, window size, local weather conditions, exterior shading conditions and more. Window films from Brisbane Wide Tinting are composed of a polyester substrate with scratch resistant coating on one side and release liner and adhesive layer applied on the other side. These window films reduce 98 per cent of the sun's ultra-violet light from entering through glass windows and doors.

Safety films and security films supplied by Brisbane Wide Tinting are cost effective means to protect home and business from vandalism, burglary and extreme weather. Brisbane Wide Tinting manufacture security films from optically clear polyester and adhesive that makes the film invisible when installed. Brisbane Wide Tinting supplies Vandal Resistant Anti Graffiti films, which are crystal clear retrofit films apt for various interior and exterior applications.

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