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Variety of kites from BrisKites

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BrisKites  is one of the leading providers of kites for real kite flyers. Single line kites are offered by BrisKites, which are easy to fly and easy to retrieve kites. These are available in several shapes and sizes apt for all age groups. Kites for kids are a special category of kites from BrisKites. Some of the kites in kites for kids are Super Flyer, Squeeky the Octopus, Penta Kites, The Last Dragon, Appliquéd Diamonds, 3D PSYCHEDELIC BUTTERFLY, Mini Diamond, Cow Diamond, Hang Glider and Sky Pilot Parachute Catch Kite.

Super Flyer, 3D PSYCHEDELIC BUTTERFLY and Cow Diamond has fibre glass frame with rip stop nylon sail. Squeeky the Octopus from BrisKites are 2 metre long round shaped kite, made of nylon on fibre glass frame and are easy to fly. BrisKites also offers Penta Kites with dog, cat, cow or mouse design. The Last Dragon is unique way of stunt kite flying, which can be flown either as 1 or 2 line kites.

Appliquéd Diamonds offered by BrisKites are diamond shaped kites with bold appliquéd illustrations. These kites are also apt for wall and ceiling decorations. BrisKites also offers two and four line kites. Some of the stunt kites available are HQ Level One, Prism, Robert Brassington's Ground Zero, Atelier, Delta stunt kites and more.

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