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Kites, gauges and measurement accessories offered by BrisKites

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BrisKites  offers box and geometric kites, gauges, anemometers and other measurement accessories. It is also one of the sole stockists of the French R-Sky stunt kites range in Australia. Prism Triad are single-line box kite like traditional kite, or tug on the string. BrisKites supplies Specs Triad, made from fibre glass frame and rip stop polyester sail. Tall Ship offered by BrisKites is impressive Indonesian style ship kite. Winged Box Gomberg is two feet tall and three feet wide three-dimensional kite. Line, handles and tails are all provided by BrisKites for this type of kite.

Additionally, BrisKites provides Delta Conyne, which is 8 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall. The Double Military or "Conyne" kite combines elements of box kite for lift and diamond kite for stability. These are made from nylon with fibre glass framing. BrisKites offers Gofly Diamonds Dragon or Gecko, Dino Diamond and Dolphin Diamond, which are diamond kites with bold appliquéd illustrations, also apt for wall and ceiling decoration.

Birds and animals are another range of flying little bird kites from BrisKites. These are made from fibre glass frame with no tails. It include 3D Tiger Shark, 3D Dolphin, 3D Clown Fish, the Shark, Green Dragon, Pink Floyd Junior and The 7' 3D Parrot.

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