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Electric power transmission and distribution systems offered by Bri-Tech

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Bri-Tech  is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gamut of electric power transmission and distribution systems in Australia. Bri-Tech has more than 22 years of experience in electric power transmission industry. Bri-Tech is located in Perth, Western Australia. It also operates through its facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne. Bri-Tech provides insulators, spacer cable systems, oil and cable testing equipment, fuse switches, capacitor switches and controls, ratchet pullers, wire grips, tension meters, stringing equipment, rubber gloves and other protective products.

Further, Bri-Tech serves the purpose of several industries through its products. Some of them are mining, communication providers, OEM's, power utilities, transportation, electrical contractors, wholesaler markets and many other heavy industries across Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the South Pacific. Bri-Tech takes pride in its technically qualified sales staff and the resources.

Additionally, Bri-Tech is committed to offering innovative and superior quality solutions for all the electrical requirements of the clients. Bri-Tech has two divisions, namely, Bri-Tech Australia and Bri-Tech New Zealand. Bri-Tech supplies complete range of overhead line construction including line fittings, anchoring, hardware, earthing, aircraft warning markers, etc. Some of the other products and services provided by Bri-Tech include covered conductor systems, power line project sourcing and kitting, connectors and pillars, underground pits and many more.

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