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The seven secrets of shredder success by Brentwood Recycling Systems

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Brentwood Recycling Systems  lists the top seven secrets for selecting a shredder for an industrial application.

There are so many traps for the unwary when selecting a shredder for an industrial application.  Many businesses end up with the wrong shredding solution because they are unaware of how shredders work and have unrealistic expectations of their capabilities.

Common mistakes made by people when selecting heavy duty industrial shredders can be avoided by remembering these eight tips. Engineering, design, materials, manufacturing, and experience all need to work in synergy to achieve a shredding solution that performs as promised, and continues to perform for many years to come.

Shredder Secret 1: Size does Matter

Buy a shredder that has the required size as well as the cutting force to shred the material.

Shredder Secret 2: Don't believe everything you see on YouTube

While it is true that seeing is believing, a carefully orchestrated shredding trial is no substitute for years of experience.

Shredder Secret 3: Off the shelf solutions can be expensive in the long run

Buying a shredder off-the-shelf can lead to compromises and may not suit the material that needs to be shredded.

Shredder Secret 4: Slower can be faster

How a shredder is fed has a huge impact on its efficiency.

Shredder Secret 5: A stitch in time saves...big bucks

Maintenance is a big part of extending the life of the shredder. Like any machine, shredders need maintenance and while it may seem unproductive to stop the process to perform routine maintenance, it is necessary for long term performance of the equipment.

Shredder Secret 6: Cutters are King

Getting this wrong will have the user shredding their cash instead of waste.

Shredder Secret 7: Power - you need more than you think

Having a 3-phase power connection does not mean that there is sufficient current to start or run a shredder.

Bonus shredder secret: Experience Counts

Talking to the experienced team at Brentwood Recycling Systems will help the buyer select the right shredder type that will not only do its job but also save money by avoiding downtime and repair work.

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