StyromeIT Thermal Densifier for Polystyrene Recycling by Brentwood Recycling Systems


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Brentwood Recycling Systems supply the Stryomelt™ Thermal Densifier, this safe, easy to use and economical solution is ideal for thermal compactions of polystyrene waste and has been designed to increase overall savings in transport and waste disposal costs.

The Styromelt™ is the most practical method of disposing your polystyrene waste, it has been designed to cater for applications where traditional hydraulic compaction is not economical or practical, or where lingering odours and contaminants are present in the polystyrene.

The Styromelt™ does not operate using dangerous blades or moving part and runs in virtual silence, it is also capable of dealing with contaminated waste such as fish and meat boxes.

Exerts no harmful emissions
Other features and benefits include:

  • Approximately 95% in volume reduction
  • In Situ sterilisation of plastic material allows for indefinite storage of briquettes 
  • Normal waste transport costs can be reduced by up to 70%
  • Organic residues are sanitized  
  • Unit operates virtually silent
  • No supervision required
  • No moving parts to be damaged by  non-compactable materials 
  • Has been designed for outdoor use and is IP54 weather-rated
  • Small physical footprint 
  • Fully insulated with low energy rating
  • Exterior frame will stay cool to the touch during use
  • Skid mounted and can easily be moved by pallet trolleys or forklifts
The Styromelt™ machines are manufactured using the highest quality materials and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure units deliver optimal performance and safety. Brentwood Recycling Systems information and contact details


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