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Aluminum airshafts available from Brenner Engineering

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Brenner Engineering  offer lightweight aluminium lug-style air shafts and Aliquad aluminium airshafts.

Features of lightweight aluminium lug-style air shaft include:

  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • Independent aluminium lugs providing superior gripping force
  • Anodised aluminium body inner bladder cartridge assembly for speedy repair
  • Better function and performance
  • Ideal for flexible packaging and other light industry applications

The Aliquad aluminium airshaft has been developed due to the high demand by customers for the physical lightweight qualities of aluminium shafts with the strength and durability of steel. This design not only allows the shaft to supplement steel shafts, based upon operating conditions, but also has internally designed features, which extend bladder life and reduce repair time.

Features and benefits of Aliquad aluminium

  • Aliquad aluminum airshafts can replace heavy steel shafts providing machine operators a lighter alternative to steel
  • The aluminum body diameter and anodized coating on the shaft body ensures easy loading and unloading of the shaft into the various core materials.
  • The steel leading edge at the end of the aluminum body is the part of the journal which takes all the impact, so the aluminum is not damaged.
  • The steel journal is located into the Aliquad body with a parallel fit designed for easy installation and removal.
  • The aluminum injection molded lugs provide a lightweight alternative to steel and heavy duty option to rubber.
  • Supply and manufacture of Aliquad airshafts and parts provide long term pricing and quick turnaround times for orders and repairs. All parts are standard and are available ex-stock.
  • All Aliquad 3 inch airshafts use common spares which reduces inventory and keeps the spare parts simplified.
  • Occupational Health and Safety benefits due to reduced lifting weights of Aluminium Air Shafts.
  • Long life natural extruded bladder material which does not get pinched by the corner of the lugs during constant inflation and deflation.

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