Brenner Engineering Group Pty Ltd

Brenner International is a privately owned Australian engineering company and we have been producing machinery components, parts & products for more than 40 years.


Supplier news
10/11/08 - Idler Rollers from Brenner Engineering are used in all web processing industries with different designs to suit particular web materials and applications. The primary function of Idler Rollers is to provide continual web tension and to ensure that th
Supplier news
07/11/08 - Brenner Engineering offer lightweight aluminium lug-style air shafts and Aliquad aluminium airshafts. The Aliquad aluminium airshaft has been developed due to the high demand by customers for the physical lightweight qualities of aluminium shafts wit

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Brenner Engineering Group Pty Ltd (Head office) Update these details
Factory 2
90 Brunel Road
VIC 3198
Tel: 03 9785 1288
Fax: 03 9785 1588

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