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Molten metal coating breakthrough

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article image Sprue bushes coated with Brencoat.

BRENCO has released Brencoat, a coating that outlasts traditional die coats and other coatings used in the smelting and casting industries by a factor of at least twenty to one.

The cermet coating has several sublayers that accommodate the thermal shock of molten metal on steel and iron substrates.

The coating is also non-wetting and is corrosion and erosion-resistant. It was developed using thermal spray plasma technology.

Brenco is the major provider of plasma coatings for the repair of jet engine components for Qantas and Defence and the research over several years that led to this coating development was based on 40 years of practical experience in these critical aviation and defence markets.

Detailed and thorough testing by Brenco is about to be followed by testing at European car component manufacturers.

"This Brencoat coating development will help eliminate down time on molten metal conveying components change over and replacement," Brenco Group managing director David Browne said.

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