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Wide range of anchors, screws and bolts from Bremick Fasteners Australia

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Bremick Fasteners Australia  provides quality industrial fastening solutions to industries. The products include tie wire suspension anchors, hook and eye bolt sleeve anchors, flush head sleeve anchors, suspension sleeve anchors, flat cut chemical injection bolts, Bremick roofing assembly, plaster board plug, lipped drop in anchor and vortex roofing screws.

Masonry screw anchors from Bremick Fasteners Australia are known to be the quality screw bolt anchor with high performance. This type of screw anchor can be installed easily and can be removed when not required. Masonry screw anchors are supplied in two forms, namely hex and hex flange head.

Tie wire suspension anchors are used when there is a need for hanging an object from the ceiling. These anchors are pushed into the dill hole and can be expanded when required.

Bremick Fasteners Australia offers stainless steel chemical capsule stud bolt which is resistant to corrosion. The features of this stud bolt include chisel point, depth marker and socket drive head with drive bits. Zamac anchor is offered for fast entry to the plasterboard plug and can be installed easily. These types of anchors are mostly used by residential builders.

Bremick roofing assembly is mainly used for roofing in cyclonic zones and helps in decreased installation errors by improving its productivity. Bremick roofing assembly can be directly installed into steel and timbers

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