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New range of vortex roof screw from Bremick Fasteners Australia

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Bremick Fasteners Australia , a privately owned company offers new range of vortex roof screw which is used in construction, manufacturing and mining industries. Bremick vortex roof is a universal roofing screw used as a fastening solution which created drastic changes in steel roofing industry.

Vortex roof screws are combined with thread profile with a new point design. Other benefits of using vortex roof screws is that it provides top grip and armour coatings which result in versatile roofing.

Bremick vortex roof screws are made using various features. These vortex roof screws are problem free and can be re-engineered easily and can be identified with help of unique head marking. The top grip provides positive seal and retention. Call backs reduce the pressure of sealing.

The armour coating protects vortex roof screws from corrosion, expanding its life time. The vortex thread line is designed with thin metal and timber battens. The pointed tip helps in saving time and enables easy application into metal and timber materials and also eliminates skidding, thus increasing the productivity. Vortex roof screws are mainly used in steel roofing and steel purlins with thickness ranging up to 1.5 millimetres and help in fast roofing.

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