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Fasteners and sleeve anchors from Bremick Fasteners Australia

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Bremick Fasteners Australia  is a privately owned company established in 1965 which provides industrial fastening solutions to the construction, manufacturing and mining industries. Bremick Fasteners Australia offers fasteners which are available in all grades including structural assemblies, self-drilling screws, threaded fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, adhesive anchors, masonry anchors and rivets.

There are over hundred and twenty workers employed in eight different factory warehouses that are situated across Australia and New Zealand. These factories are supported by a group of independent distributors. Bremick Fasteners Australia supplies wide range of products which include flush head sleeve anchors, hook and eye bolt sleeve anchors, tie wire suspension anchors, suspension sleeve anchors, lipped drop in anchor, flat cut chemical injection bolts, plaster board plug, vortex roofing screw and Bremick roofing assembly.

Flush head sleeve anchor from Bremick Fasteners is available in new style with its head made from stainless steel and zinc plates. This type of anchor is versatile and offers flush finish. Hence this anchor is used in high volume applications.

Bremick Fasteners Australia supplies hook and eye bolt sleeve anchors which are used by shopkeepers for hanging and placing other general items. Suspension sleeve anchors are designed for suspending cable cords and ceiling systems. Suspension sleeve anchors have a unique heavy duty lock nut attached to them

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