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Materials handling equipment from Bremco Metal Products

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Bremco Metal Products  designs and fabricates material handling equipment and products for operation in the warehouse and storage areas. Apart from custom engineered design services, Bremco Metal Products also offers a wide range of drum and gas handling equipment, forklift attachments, trolleys and pallet cages.

Research and development and a focus on continuous improvement has helped Bremco Metal Products produce material handling equipment for a wide range of applications. Bremco Metal Products’ material handling equipment range for drum lifting includes forklift drum lifters, which are produced according to various specifications suitable for lifting a single drum, two, three or four drums at a time. The forklift drum inverter equipment is fully constructed with steel and designed to safety invert drums of 205 litre capacity from horizontal and vertical planes.

Overhead drum handling equipment also use forklifts and are useful for handling drums at high elevations. Manual drum handling equipment from Bremco Metal Products include drum trolleys, hand truck drum lifters, Ergo drum trolleys and the 44 gallon drum truck. These equipment, particularly the 44 gallon drum truck, facilitate quick and efficient transportation of drums around the workplace.

Drum Handling Racks from Bremco Metal Products are produced for different applications. Spill containment pallets are used for safe storage of hazardous goods. Horizontal drum stands offer drum storage capacity of two 250 litre drums. Drum pallets come with the capacity to hold two 205 litre drums with facility for positive stacking. The “2 in 1” drum rack trolley facilitates the movement of 205 litre drums while also doubling as a horizontal stand for storing them.

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