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Gas handling equipment from Bremco Metal Products

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Gas handling equipment from Bremco Metal Products includes a wide range of pallets and trolleys. Gas equipment pallets include forklift gas cylinder cages and forklift gas cylinder pallets. Gas equipment trolleys include the gas bottle trolley and the oxy/acetylene trolley/forklift/crane lift.

Forklifts for applications other than drum handling are also available from Bremco Metal Products. These include jibs, slippers and spreaders, safety cages, carpet poles, tipper bins and container ramps.

Bremco Metal Products’ trolleys are manufactured to handle several types of warehousing and material handling efforts. The product range comprises transit trolleys, platform trolleys, bin trolleys and warehouse trolleys. Transit trolleys come in two-shelf and three-shelf varieties with the three-shelf trolley possessing extra attributes such as rubber mat decking, clipboard attachment and safety-lip surrounding frame. Both types of transit trolleys fully constructed using steel and are of powder-coated finish.

Platform trolleys include flat bed trolleys for heavy loads and bin trolleys include wire mesh trolleys and panel box trolleys. Bremco Metal Products provides warehouse trolleys in large small sizes. Other trolley products include Dolly and Scissor tables.

Bremco Metal Products’ general hand trucks are available in the lightweight model for 20-litre pails and small boxes. They come with powder-coated finish. The other types are the “Courier” handtruck and tool mate trolley. Other hand trucks include sack hand trucks, gas hand trucks and fridge hand trucks. Sack hand trucks are available in two types namely medium duty, with open handles, and heavy duty, which is extra strong.

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