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Forklift Extension Slippers Help Maintain a Safe Working Environment

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Bremco Metal Products  supplies an extensive range of materials handling equipment across Australia, designed to enhance workplace safety in commercial and industrial environments.

Workplace safety can be compromised when companies fail to provide a safe working environment for employees. Accidents can cause injuries and attract severe penalties for any company.

A safe system of work needs to be maintained, especially in the loading and stacking of pallets on trucks.

Forklift extension slippers are fully certified, load-tested and guaranteed to temporarily lengthen forklift tynes to enable movement of larger loads safely.

Well-made forklift extension slippers are a safe, secure and economically sound solution to loading and unloading vehicles.

Car yards, warehouses and distribution centres alike can take advantage of forklift extension slippers.

Using a set of 2.4m long extension slippers for instance, a standard forklift can safely reach across the width of a truck to pick up an awkward load with minimal risk.

Buyers need to consider the capacity of their forklift truck (and its counterweight) when selecting forklift extension slippers.

Suppliers or manufacturers can help buyers understand the class, length, weight and carrying capacity of both the forklift and the extension slippers required.

This will ensure that the company’s working environment abides by the rigorous industry benchmarks set by Australian Standards.

A good set of forklift extension slippers can be customised to ensure that when the capacity of the forklift is downgraded, the employees are not placed at risk of harm or the company at risk of liability.

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