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Forklift Drum Grabs for Shifting or Lifting Drums

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Bremco Metal Products  is a materials handling specialist manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of equipment in Australia.

Drum grabs are forklift attachments that offer a safe way to shift and lift steel drums or plastic drums.

Drum grabs are used to extract a drum from a cluster without disturbing the surrounding drums and can be fitted to any lifting device.

Drum grabs are self-centering and have the ability to lock on to the drum without coming off until required.

The drum lifter maintains reliability even in harsh conditions and is rated as well as certified.

According to the ABC’s The New Inventor’s website, the drum grab is a safer, quicker and easier way to lift a 44-gallon (200-litre) drum.

The ABC website said, “It’s a 3-armed clamping device designed specifically for lifting large metal or plastic drums. With a holding capacity of 1.5 tonnes, the Drum Grab clamps quickly and firmly onto the rim of the drum and can then be attached to almost any kind of lifting device.”

Ian McClenaghan, the inventor of the drum grab comes from Armidale in NSW. He has been a farmer most of his life and an oil recycling business that he ran provided inspiration for the development of the Drum Grab invention.

The Drum Grab was developed with co-inventor Matthew Schaffer

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