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Range of power catamarans from Brava Marine

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Brava Marine  is a leading builder of power catamarans in the Australian ship building market. Founded by members with strong business and boating experience, Brava Marine designs and custom builds high quality products that are durable and reliable. Power catamarans are specially built to cater to the need of the Leopard 1270 designed by Peter Brady. The Brady family with around thirty four years of experience in the boat building and designing industry utilises the services and designs of Brava Marine.

This is one of the factors for Brava Marine’s success in the market. Brava Marine has set up a technologically advanced production facility in Brisbane and also exports its products to the United States of America and the world market.

Brava Marine utilises the business template developed by the automobile industry and has developed a versatile hull platform with variations in deck layout features. This allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability in production engineering procedures.

Brava Marine has a highly experienced and skilled design team that can review and refine all aspects of a product design and work specifically on improving the styling and technical features, to suit the client’s needs and tastes. All products from versatile hull platform are highly functional and sophisticated and user friendly.

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