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Branach Manufacturing develop special step platforms for Integral Energy

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Branach Manufacturing  have developed a special step platform ladder for Integral Energy in NSW.

Integral Energy were looking for a solution to working at heights problems associated with the maintenance of high voltage substations.

The Branach step platform was chosen for its electrical safety, solid construction and convenience of use.

High voltages in the substations are capable of inducing a significant static electric charge in the aluminium components of the step platforms.

Engineers at Integral Energy were concerned that an electric shock to the user from the static build up may cause the user to fall and so asked Branach Manufacturing to address the issue.

Branach Manufacturing’s engineers overcame the problem by insulating the aluminium platform standing area with a non-conductive rubber coating. Plastic coatings were also applied to the other metal components above the platform minimising the user’s exposure to metal components.

Unlevel ground within the substation areas was also a problem, so Branach Manufacturing have supplied the units with Levelok ladder levelling systems. The Levelok system uses quick-connect couplings to attach the levelling units to the legs of the platforms. The levelling legs are then attached as required minimising weight for the users.

Integral Energy have ordered two units for each of their substations. Branach Manufacturing expect to complete the order in September.

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