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BRAIN Industries has added a third option to its hire fleet of compressed air-operated sludge and solids suckers.

Brains’ Mudskipper, Airloader and Vac-Pack pumps offer intrinsically safe and effective vacuum loading of all kinds of materials from inaccessible places with the choice of pipeline discharge, or bottom dump, usually back onto conveyor belts.

Now a third option of contain, haul and dump is available, made possible by the newly developed MPV (multi purpose vehicle) self filling tanker.

This six cubic metre capacity tanker is aimed at the underground coal, hardrock and tunnelling industries.

It can be uplifted and transported by an MPV or placed on a flat car or even a truck in above ground lift sockets.

The compressed air operated jet-pump is an integral part of the tanker. Connect an air supply hose and open the control valve and the tanker will start loading or 'self filling'.

Additional 100 N.B. (4") material suction hoses can be attached to extend the pick up range and a 150 N.B. (6") suction hose option is available when larger lump sizes must be handled.

"Unlike Airloader pumps or Vac-Pack systems, which are cyclic in operation, the self filling tanker loads continuously and so has a much faster pick up rate,” managing director Keith Hobbs said.

It stops loading automatically at high level when handling wet materials. The jet-pump can then be turned off and excess water drained from the tank before turning on again and topping up the load to maximise the solids hauled and dumped.

Emptying is accomplished via a side opening rear door. Once again excess water from wet materials can be drained first from a 100 N.B. (4") butterfly valve at the bottom of the door before it is opened.

The door catches are designed to facilitate an initial controlled opening of the door.

"The door can't just fly open and bury you in five tonnes of coal sludge,” Mr Hobbs said.

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