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High-density CompactPCI blade

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MOTOROLA Computer Group, represented by Braetec , has launched the Packet Computing Resource Board (PCRB), a high-density CompactPCI blade for high speed processing of packet data typical in today's networking systems.

The PCRB is a highly integrated and optimised multi-processing resource for packet data intensive applications such as content-aware switches, IP services gateways, 3G radio network controllers, IP control servers, VPN switches/routers and content-feature server switches.

Gigabit Ethernet connections on Motorola's PCRB support the CompactPCI Packet Switched Backplane standard (CPSB or PICMG(r) 2.16) to distribute multiple high speed packet streams throughout an equipment shelf.

Two high performance, integrated 64-bit multiprocessors-supported by high speed DDR SDRAM-enable the PCRB to process packets at an extremely high speed.

An on-board layer 2/3 Ethernet switch connects the processors' multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the CPSB interfaces and rear transition module interfaces allowing eight classes of service on an aggregate switching capacity of 32 million packets per port.

"The PCRB allows equipment vendors to easily add features and applications to existing architectures to address new market opportunities, helping to eliminate one of the hurdles traditionally associated with data plane processing," said Bruce Hunter, product marketing manager for data plane processing, Motorola Computer Group.

The PCRB complements Motorola's MXP platform, an embedded applications platform that delivers multiple services that can connect to different telecom networks.

The company also recently introduced a Packet Processor Resource Board (PPRB), which adds a network processor subsystem to the MXP platform, enabling it to manage data as control plane traffic and to process the data as bearer plane traffic at wire speed in its native packet format.

The PCRB also provides the following features:

* 48MB of independent partitionable Flash ROM per processor.

* Optional rear transition module with optional hard disk.

* Linux and VxWorks board support.

* Linux cross development environment.

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