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article image Temex’ range of GHz trimmer capacitors

TEMEX, represented by Braemac , has released a new family of surface mount multi-turn GHz trimmer capacitors. They are aimed at high performance RF and microwave circuits in applications such as power amplifiers, base stations and filter tuning.

The SM571 is a GHz trimmer with ultra linear capacitance variation, targeted at applications requiring very fine tuning to avoid sudden increases of capacitance when the rotor is close to its maximum or minimum position.

The device has a specified capacitance range from 0.8pF to 6.0pF across operating voltages up to 500Vdc. Insulation resistance at normal operating voltages is higher than 10,000 MΩ when the rotor is in the maximum position.

The trimmer is designed to withstand shocks of 100g for 6ms and vibration of 60g at 10Hz–2000Hz with a capacitance change of less than 1% from the initial value.

The new GHz trimmer range also includes devices for applications where size and performance are critical. The high quality dielectric ceramic used by Temex has enabled a 25%–35% size reduction without sacrificing performance compared to standard GHz trimmers.

AT27580 has a capacitance range of 0.6pF – 4.5pF over 4 turns and a length of 5.8mm. AT27570 has a capacitance range of 0.8pF to 8.0pF over 8 turns and a length of 8.0mm.

The new trimmer capacitors have a temperature coefficient of -50 ±75ppm/°C, and offer a Q factor >3000 at up to 250MHz, with the exception of ATX757 and ATSM570 series which offeer a Q factor >3000 at up to 100MHz due to their greater range of capacitance.

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