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Silicon based capacitors optimised for smart cards

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article image Vishay’s new silicon based capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology, represented in Australia by Braemac , has released the industry's first silicon-based capacitors optimised for smart card applications.

Based on a semiconductor process developed by Vishay, the devices set a new standard for high capacitance in a compact package with a very low profile. The new silicon-based HPC0402B and HPC0402C are high-precision capacitors that operate at higher frequencies with higher performance than conventional low-profile capacitors.

The devices are the lowest-profile 0402 capacitors on the market for smart card applications. They also provide a higher range of capacitance values in a smaller package and deliver superior stability over a wide frequency range, low ESR values, high Q factors, tight tolerances, an ultra-high self-resonant frequency and low parasitic inductance.

Available in 16 capacitance options ranging from 10pF to 180pF with tight tolerances up to ±1%, the new capacitors are rated for 6V, 10V, 16V, and 25V operation. Both the HPC0402B and HPC0402C feature highly accurate dimensions, measuring 1.02mm by 0.51mm, with low height profiles of 0.18mm for the "B" model and 0.25mm for the "C" model.

The devices' high capacitance range and compact packages result in a greater circuit Q and a longer transmission range. Because a smaller capacitor is less likely to be delaminated due to flexation stresses, smart card reliability is improved.

Offered in surface-mount or wire-bondable configurations, samples of the HPC0402B and HPC0402C are available now, with lead times of up to eight weeks for production quantities.

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