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Protected high-side load switch

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article image Undervoltage lockout and thermal shutdown features.

VISHAY Intertechnology, represented by Braemac , has announced a new protected high-side load switch that can operate under a supply voltage range of 2.4V to 5.5V and handle a continuous output current of 1A, with the threshold current set by a single external resistor.

The SiP4610A/B is designed for applications including load switching, battery switching, USB peripheral ports, and other power management applications in notebook computers, PDAs, MP3 players, and other portable and handheld systems, as well as for hot-swapping in telecom applications.

A user-defined current limit level protects the input supply voltage from excessive load currents that might cause a system failure. The SiP4610A/B has a low quiescent current of 9A, and reduces the supply current to less than 1A in shutdown mode.

In addition to the current limit, the SiP4610A/B is protected by undervoltage lockout and thermal shutdown features. The over-temperature protection circuit prevents thermal runaway by turning off the power switch when the chip's junction temperature reaches 165°C and leaving it off until the temperature drops below 145°C.

Providing the ability to selectively turn on and shut down various system functions, and to switch between power supply sources, there are two versions of the power switch. The SiP4610A has an active low enable input, while the SiP4610B has an active high enable input.

Available in lead-free 5-pin SC-70 and thin SOT-23 packages, the SiP4610A/B operates within the industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. It provides circuit designers with a pin-for-pin replacement for the AAT4610A.

The SiP4610A/B complements the wide range of Vishay Siliconix power switching products, which include the Si4701BDY (7A) load switch with level-shift and the LITTLE FOOT Plus families of power MOSFETs with integrated drivers and Schottky diodes (430mA to 13.5A).

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