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Programmable spread-spectrum clock generator

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CYPRESS Semiconductor, represented by Braemac , has introduced the industry's first field-programmable spread-spectrum clock generators (SSCGs).

In an effort to provide a complete SSCG solution, Cypress also announced the availability of a programming kit (CY3672-PRG) as well as a socket-adaptor (CY3690/91) to accompany the CY25100SC and CY25100ZC.

The SSCG and programming kit combination enables versatile programming whereby a single device can replace hundreds of fixed-function SSCGs.

Clocks used in digital systems, such as laser and ink jet printers, LCD panels, and personal computers, are one of the primary sources of unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Energy peaks, resulting from increasing frequencies and faster edge rates, become the source of EMI. Spread-spectrum clock generators reduce the peak energy by slowly modulating the clock frequency.

Cypress field-programmable SSCGs, enable the designer to adjust the programmable input clock frequencies and modulation amount (spread percent) to reduce EMI levels.

The programmable spread-spectrum EMI reduction capability and other timing functions including frequency synthesis are integrated into the CY25100SC and CY25100ZC, significantly enhancing system performance.

The CY25100 offers a wide operating output frequency range, which enables designers to program the EMI reduction from 3 to 200MHz.

In order to meet regulatory agency electromagnetic compliance (EMC) requirements, programmable spread-spectrum feature provide a wide range of down or centre spread percentages (0.5 to 5.0%) for maximum EMI reduction.

Depending on the application, the CY25100 provides up to 20dB EMI reduction using a worst case harmonic.

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