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Power MOSFETs in reverse lead package

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article image Siliconix’ TrenchFET MOSFET in a reverse lead package

SILICONIX has developed a new family of TrenchFET power MOSFETs in a reverse-lead TO-252 DPAK package, available from Braemac .

The reverse-formed leads of the SUR-packaged TrenchFETs allow the device to be mounted inversely on the PCB with a heat sink on top for cooler operation. Heat generated from power can be dissipated to the air rather than to the PCB. This means that each of these power MOSFETs features a lower effective on-resistance value and higher current capability than DPAK power MOSFETs with conventional lead-outs. Cooler operation also takes thermal stress off the board, contributing to better overall reliability.

The SUR power MOSFETs enable the design of "greener" VRM modules and PC motherboards that use power more efficiently and require fewer components. The 20V SUR70N02-04P and 30V SUR50N03-06P, SUR50N03-09P, SUR50N03-12P and SUR50N03-16P power MOSFETs offer on-resistance values from 4mΩ to 16mΩ and can serve as both synchronous and control FETs in dc-dc converters.

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